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Discussion on Article:
USB Flash Drives Roundup with 1GB Storage Capacity. Part II

Started by: 31415 | Date 01/05/07 11:40:36 AM
Comments: 51 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:08:18 AM

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Who cares? You go to an e-commerce website, sort the flash drives based on price per gigabyte, and buy the most cost effective thing.

If you crave real performance, you go for external hdds.
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Go home and tur your brain on. Of course, provided it is possible...
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Go fuck yourself in the ass, will you!
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I mean come on; How dumb do you actually have to be to waste money on something you do not really need.
1 GB memorysticks are primarily used by "AVERAGE" people for storing word documents and other "AVERAGE" shit. They don't care about speed, and neither should you!

The only interesting thing is the Vindwows VUSTA ready boost, but that is another sac of dung that I do not even want to touch on!
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The speed test in Apacer drives are suspicious. Are you sure you are not reviewing Handy Steno HT203 200X? After all, Apacer still lists HA202 200x as Read: 15MB/sec, Write: 10MB/sec.
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