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Discussion on Article:
Two DDR2 Xtreem Memory Kits from Team Group Inc.

Started by: alolddy | Date 06/05/07 06:46:29 PM
Comments: 22 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 10:46:45 AM

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I just wanted to let people know that I had to RMA some Team Xtreem modules that went bad and it was a trouble free experience. They stand behind their lifetime guarantee and had new modules shipped out the same day my old ones arrived.

Where are the benchmarks for this article? Did you not include any against your low performance Samsung memory because the performance difference is so small that these xtreem modules aren't worth the price? That was my conclusion.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 06/06/07 07:53:58 AM]
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//Did you not include any against your low performance Samsung memory because the performance difference is so small that these xtreem modules aren't worth the price? That was my conclusion

In fact, memory performance is a constant thing, which is absolutely equal on any memory modules until chipset, frequency and timings will be equal = a matter of bandwidth and latency. So if we will take Samsung and Team at same operational mode (i.e. DDR2-667 5-5-5-15-2T @ Intel P965) they WILL be equal, yes. But Team can do 1200 MHz with ease and Samsung barely hits 900 MHz - that's make the difference and reason in pricing.
So the main reason to compare memory sticks is to inform readers about their speed characteristics (timings/MHz/voltage potential)...
As for typical DDR2 performance - please refer to previous articles, i.e. recent hi-end Corsair vs. OCZ test: trust me, at the same conditions Team will have exactly the same performance, so there is no need to repeat similar facts in each review :)
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 06/06/07 10:03:50 AM]

Just got the same reviewed memory. It won't even reach the speed it is rated, 1200MHz at ANY SPD! Its really not much faster than DDR2-667!

VERY disappointed. Those reviewed sticks are hand picked of course.

The heat sink just sucks and could fall and damage the mobo anytime. It is not secured to anything. Let alone its huge and was hitting my HSF. And if you put a fan on it then you are really asking for trouble

Just don't believe all the hypes
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 07/15/07 09:29:24 AM]
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If you can't get this memory to hit 1200Mhz 5-5-5-15 then you are a noob and shouldn't be buying high performance RAM. With some work these will hit 1100Mhz-1200Mhz 4-4-4-10. I swear you are just like the same people on crying and giving these things one egg because you don't have the knowledge to use them. I'm not trying to be Mr. Elitist but it's the truth. Learn about RAM timings and what they mean. Know your hardware and what it can and can't do. It's important to know both it's strengths and weaknesses. Trying to run these at 1200Mhz on a $100 motherboard like an Intel P965 Express or an old P35 and you're going to have problems. Using a crappy processor with a low FSB will get you a similar result.

All these Team Group PC2-9600 ARE hand picked and binned very, very high. These are your standard PC2-800 that have been especially selected to run over spec but nothing is ever promised when overclocking, you must have the skill and patience to get the maximum performance out of them. Overclocking is a hobby and is nearing a sport (though not in the typical sense) and like any hobby or sport you must work at it!

Those heat sinks are a marketing gimmick and are worthless, especially for serious overclocking like giving these things 2.6v-3.0v, they won't keep the modules cool enough because they only cool the RAM up to a certain voltage. Also there is only room for 2 sticks and it takes time to set up, you can't rush through it. Simply rig a 80mm fan to blow air on them, that's all you need.

With DDR2 prices being so low I just bought two kits (4GB) of these bad boys for $250 shipped with a lifetime warranty. They are simply amazing and you will not find any faster DDR2. Also if they die you will NOT get some garbage $25 RAM in return like OCZ and Corsair will do. You will get the same Micron D9GKX IC's as before.

Gotta love Team Memory.
0 0 [Posted by: Pixelated  | Date: 02/11/09 06:20:00 PM]

how much
0 0 [Posted by: ashlan  | Date: 12/01/10 08:11:21 AM]


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