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Discussion on Article:
22" Monitors Roundup: Part 1

Started by: alpha0ne | Date 08/13/07 02:29:39 AM
Comments: 40 | Last Comment:  02/09/08 08:20:28 PM

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Sheesh, I was looking for 22", specifically the BenQ FP222WH.
How would a normal consumer know if a monitor has RTC or not?
Take [url= s_full%20line%20of%20lcd%20monitors_L206WTQ-BF.jhtml]this [/url] one for example.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 06:06:18 AM]
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With TN matrix if response time is greater than 4 ms, there is no RTC.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 06:54:37 AM]
Thanks for the reply.
I find it very hard to know the type of matrix a monitor use. The manufacturers doesn't list it on the specs anymore.
In addition, I'm coming from CRT land and don't know all the types and differences.

0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 09:02:23 AM]

Very good review, I was waiting for a half decent round up of all the 22 inch displays out.

I currently own the Samsung SyncMaster 225BW which I bought in December of 06. Its been a great display for me, I play Counter Strike Source on it, aswell as Need for Speed most wanted, CNC3, BF2142 etc. i've never had a problem with ghosting on it. So i'll have to disagree with your conclusion on the gaming side of it. Tho I know everyones eyes are different and to each his own. However i'm in my mid 20's so I don't really have poor eye sight. I 226BW came out shortly after I bought mine, and I hated the fact that the Stand was not the same and worse compared to the 225BW.

i've been very happy with this display so far, but I think i'm gonna want something bigger soon, Looking at the 27inch model from Samsung. Hope you guys do a review on the 24-27 inch models soon.

0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 07:45:39 AM]

good old 19inch crt does the job better then any of these LCD
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 09:11:04 AM]

Thanks for the great reviews, as usual. It would be nice if you could provide the firmware version for the LG L226WTQ. The RTC error problem is supposed to have been fixed from firmware version 1.14. If the firmware on your sample monitor is 1.14 or later, it would show the problem is not yet fixed.

The service menu also shows the panel used in the monitor: LPL for LG-Philips and CMO for Chimei.

Here is how to enter the service menu:

Turn off your monitor.
Hold down the menu key on the monitor.
While holding the menu key, turn the monitor back on.
When the screen is on again, release the menu button, and then hit the menu button once.

Then scroll up using the minus button until the service menu appears
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 10:46:03 AM]

LOL. LG 22 incher is my current monitor and none of the problems described in this article exist.

Do you have issues against LG anyway?

Rated this article average. Lots of useless blah blah. Where are the GAMES?????????
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 12:21:23 PM]
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haha was waiting for someone to post this, and have you done the testing to the extent and detail they have with similar equipment or this is all based on your vision?
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 01:23:57 PM]

As this article is Part 1, there are probably more monitors to be tested later.

Regarding the Samsung 226CW, the leftward shift of the color gamut shown in the preliminary test appears different from results obtained by (DigitalVersus in English). See the gamut here for 226BW vs 226CW: 4&ma2=36&mo2=232&p2=2156&ph=7

What could explain these differing results? There is no leftward shift in color gamut results for the 226CW on DigitalVersus. I also remember that when XBit Labs reviewed the Samsung 931C with wide gamut, there was the same color shift away from yellow. Could this be related to testing software?

Also, it should be noted that LG has already announced its own line of 22-inch monitors with wide gamut color: The L227W series:

More information about the L227WT can be found on the FCC website, at this link: mp;RequestTimeout=500&calledFromFrame=N&application_id=151691&fcc_id ='BEJL227WTS'

One can even download the User's Manual. I have done so and noted that there is a new feature called ARC which allows for hardware scaling of lower resolutions while keeping the correct aspect ratio.

The L227W series is about to be released. it would be nice if XBit labs could compare it to the Samsung 226CW
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 04:49:37 PM]

about image scaling options, only Nvidia has that, ATI does NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT have this option although been cursed by million users after so many years; except for their mobility version.

You did not mention whether Samsung monitors have image scaling options.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 08/13/07 06:43:46 PM]

Its unclear -- does the corrected firmware start at 1.14? Or is it "from" 1.14 as stated above - meaning if you have 1.14 you don't have the correction for RPC, etc..

In other words - iis 1.14 th magic number - or is higher than 1.14?

Also, while I have the floor, is the Phillips or CMO panel to be preferred?

I've got (paid 200 bucks at Frys) the L226WTQ-BFO.ausgofn (whatever that means)
at 1.14 (many thanks BernardP)

0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/10/07 11:01:19 PM]


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