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ASUS X51R Notebook Review: Excellent Budget Solution

Started by: egghoper | Date 11/16/07 02:26:02 PM
Comments: 65 | Last Comment:  09/25/16 04:09:32 AM


May the laptop be good, but I extremely hate the way ASUS technician repairing the laptop. And ASUS, please take well control of your employees.

You may say battery failure is a common problem, but NOT FAILURE IN THIS WAY, please.

This is a foul report regarding to my sister-in-law's notebook encountered very bad servicing behavior.

The notebook had motherboard failure two weeks before warranty wore off, and she managed to get a motherboard repair from ASUS malaysia. This, however creates another havoc, where her notebook battery, so so right in timing, dies, DIES completely. Before the laptop was sent to repair the battery was completely fine in condition. Well you can say I do not have evidence on this, and my sister-in-law, too had lodged a report on this, yet ASUS had refused to repair/replace it back, because the battery is claimed "NOT CHANGED AT ALL".

We are 100% confirmed that the battery had been replaced illegally, and now the laptop's warranty had wear off. Please fix this, ASUS, or I won't be good in writing brand review as a member of the community.
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