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Discussion on Article:
Roundup: Six 2.5-Inch Hard Disk Drives with 160GB Storage Capacity

Started by: Mr. BonBon | Date 12/05/07 05:13:20 PM
Comments: 11 | Last Comment:  04/09/08 06:47:29 AM

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Another troll.

I like your front page poll, but according to my grade3 math, the percentages add up to 210.5% which is a bit awkward if you ask me.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/05/07 05:13:20 PM]
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First I'd like to ask you if you could please email questions like that and keep the comments section after the reviews for related discussions. and secondly, this is a poll with multiple choice, that's why the percentage shouldn't be 100%.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/05/07 05:34:48 PM]
Sorry Anna. BTW I love your articles. I am xbitlab fan.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/05/07 09:27:34 PM]

Nice article with lots of good info. Unfortunately I found it a bit difficult to follow because the manufacturer names weren't listed in the charts and graphs.

Maybe I'm the only one who has difficulty memorizing 8-15 digit model numbers from 6 manufacturers. Don't get me wrong....I appreciate the work done here. Maybe you could update the article?
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/06/07 04:48:36 PM]


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