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Discussion on Article:
ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part VIII

Started by: yehuda | Date 12/12/07 06:36:54 PM
Comments: 5 | Last Comment:  12/17/07 04:20:00 PM


I do not think people should be too picky to select a power supply with a lot of SATA connectors. I have not yet moved to SATA. Also support for SATA optical drives in Linux is slim to none at this time.

People should select power supplies based on low ripple voltage, voltage regulation, power factor, efficiency, and noise for the desire wattage. You should state this after each power supply review, so people can get in their thick head that being cheap does not work anymore.

With the proper molex extractor, taking off and putting a 20-pin ATX connector on a power supply is not that hard. I had to improvise an AUX connector for my power supply, Seasonic S12-430, to hook up to my Abit TH7II-RAID.
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