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Discussion on Article:
Big Water vs. Big Typhoon: Thermaltake Big Water 760i Liquid-Cooling System Review

Started by: eltoro | Date 01/01/08 11:36:22 AM
Comments: 7 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 02:46:24 PM

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I can't understand all the "Highs" in the article's conclusions. Who gives a f**k about all these supposed advantages when its cooling performance is lower and it's noisier than a $50 air cooling solution???
And that's even before we mention how liquid cooling is dangerous compared to air cooling as most liquids and electronics don't live in harmony.

Bottom line, I'd expect at least a 10 degrees advantage for a cooling solution over a reasonably noisy air cooling one, before I'd seriously consider going through the extra fuss of the liquid solution. And in this article is the other way all other arguments are void!
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Well xbit didn't recommend this product to anyone, so I'd say this is a fair review. Also every products has its pros and cons.
Some noob out there might be wanting cheap watercooling for their new X2 6400+, who knows. I'm sure the people who payed hundreds for Killer NIC, Ageia PPU, and a Spider platform are considering this.
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