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Discussion on Article:
I Am Legend: Scythe Ninja Copper Cooler Review

Started by: shinobi | Date 02/06/08 08:12:45 PM
Comments: 11 | Last Comment:  04/15/08 06:10:46 AM

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What a disappointment. It was beaten even by the Ultra-120 (ex) with the same fans, and the MSRP costs just as much! Although thermalright ultra-120 does not come with heatsinks, I expected the all-copper heatsink doesn't come with a slower/less CFM fan than the aluminium Ninja/OCZ vindicator. Although things might change with 4-fan setup, I think it's time for Scythe to use a more efficient heatsink design. Last time I checked, even infinity/mugen beats the old Ninja B with same fans.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/06/08 08:20:14 PM]
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The power of the Ninja (god, that sounds so stupid!) is with passive cooling. The widely-spaced fins are awesome exactly for that purpose. Yes, the Ninja was and will be worse than other top-end coolers when fans are involved, but it's better when you don't have a fan on the cooler.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/06/08 11:04:11 PM]
Exactly! I think the fact that the Scythe coolers work great WITHOUT the fan cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately the reviewer only mentioned on a side note.

I really think that he should have spent more time testing it without the fan and comparing it to how its competitors fare without their fans. Overclocking is one aspect of aftermarket fans, but for average consumers it is definitely not more important than having a silent system.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 02/07/08 02:34:08 AM]
The test results in fanless mode were described in detail within the results discussion on each platform. Please check out the appropriate sections of the article.
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Yes, Anna, we know, but what was the point in testing fanless operation in an open testbed, which is exactly what's never going to happen? Passive means "no fan on the heatsink, cooled by case airflow", not "no airflow whatsoever". :)
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