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Discussion on Article:
ASUS U3S: Two Notebooks in a Single Case

Started by: BorgDrone | Date 03/16/08 01:18:49 PM
Comments: 157 | Last Comment:  11/29/16 08:45:26 AM


I really dont understand how this garbage can have anythig positive in review. I mean Intel GMA and Gf8400, wow! 8400 Gf is garbage also, so you chose between two garbage cards. And battery life of 2.5 hours is joke. Most desktop replacements have that battery life with 6x better performance. And price is also funny. Yes, these are two notebooks in single case but both of them are garbage. As a matter of fact I had Gericom notebook which is considered lowest posible garbage with Gf 7600 and it switched to integrated graphics on battery. That was 3 years ago! So nothing new there too. There are lightwieght notebooks from Samsung and Panasonic which costs much less and are better in EVERY aspect than this garbage.
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