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Started by: 31415 | Date 04/01/08 06:51:45 PM
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The build quality of the XIGMATEK BATTLE-AXE
is..well bad. but the thing that bothers me of both these is the heatpipes. one has to remember that the shorter the heatpipe the better it will work. also it is still the fins that are doing the real work so more thereof wouldnt hurt either. I wish i had enough cash to make my own cooling company... hmmm
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I have the Xigmatek Battleaxe and I can say, that the build qulaity is excellent. It's solid, nothing bent or broke. There's nothing flimsy about it so I don't know where someone who has never actaully owned it can say that the build quality is bad.

You can dispute the design if you want, but the numbers speak for themselves. I have a Xigmatek on my 8800GTS 512 (G92) and an AC S1 on my 8800GT 512 (G92) on my spare rig. They BOTH report 36C at idle and rise to 46C at load (ATI TOOL). Ambient temp at 21C.

The only thing about the Xigmatek is it is loud at full RPM. I do have mine hooked up to a fan controller using the 2-1 power adapter.

For $35, the Xigmatek is a winner. I still like my AC S1 though for $22 and a $5 120 fan attached to it. Adding the 120x25 fan, it takes as much room as the Battleaxe.
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