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Lenovo ThinkVision L220x Monitor: Comeback of PVA Matrix?

Started by: londiste | Date 08/30/08 06:00:17 AM
Comments: 20 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 12:17:35 PM


i have one l220x on my desktop. i am really happy with it, can't really complain about much.

design is a matter of taste. i really love the utilitarian design of think* series. to some it's too boring or too bulky. again, a matter of taste.

about the shadows on lines, i honestly can't see these on my monitor, even with another monitor next to it. maybe i don't know how to look or i might have a specimen without that problem.

some details though:
1) build quality - case tends to squeak from the top and sides when squeezed. not really a problem per se but from premium monitor i would've expected better;
2) usb ports are in the bottom left corner... which ends up top left when pivoted. not the best place imo;
3) no 1:1 or aspect ratio locking - my nvidia card can lock aspect ratio in drivers, but again, i would've expected better from a premium monitor.
4) input lag - controversial issue, i've seen complaints about input lag with this monitor. being a gamer myself, i'd say it's bullshit. i did a few tests, it really has some but those maximum 2 frames of input lag don't really make any difference.
0 0 [Posted by: londiste  | Date: 08/30/08 06:00:17 AM]

You're too obsessed with viewing angles. 99% of people in the real world can handle the viewing angles of their monitors without a problem.
0 0 [Posted by: tc  | Date: 09/02/08 07:52:25 AM]

99% of people in the real world do not find viewing angles bad enough to pay more for good ones

try looking at a monitor with a tn-panel from below.
0 0 [Posted by: londiste  | Date: 09/02/08 08:34:39 AM]

I'll say NONSENSE to your claims of viewable angle "obsession." Point being, when you PAY this kind of money for a "monitor," esp since my "old" ViewSonic CRT DESTROYS ANY LCD monitor ever created for a paltry $330 new, it means a LOT... unfortunately going from CRT to LCD is like going from fuel injected Formula 1 to carburated NASCAR. LCDs are inferior monitors and when someone tries to justify shelling out over $300+ for one, knowing a decent CRT will best it in every catagory aside from heat out put and space requirements, they have FULL RIGHT to nit-pick. People like you set the status-quo bar as low as possible to justify overpriced purchases. I'm still using my CRT.. and probably will until SED or a CRT quality equivalent comes out. LCDs are trash: Look at all the concerns you LCD users have to worry about when purchasing one: viewing angles (?LMFAO), ghosting, pixel shadows, color reproduction, true "black," should I get one for gaming only? Should I get one for viewing movies blah blah... aka a Thin, space conscious, overpriced POS is what an LCD actually is.

For people like me who have SPACE in abundance, I don't worry about all those issues. Noobs keep buying up this LCD trash and not demanding that the manufactures actually pander to them instead of the other way around... enjoy that $400 laggy, ghosting, gray-black tablet. I'll be gaming AND viewing movies ALL-IN-ONE and for what $330 invested. lol LCD gaming, what a laugh...

In otherwords: NIT PICK PLEASE! Since when is $400 or so just "only" $400... I'll stick with what works... No dead/stuck pixels here — EVER. haha Touche.
0 0 [Posted by: V12V12  | Date: 09/02/08 03:37:12 PM]

I agree that CRT is still the way to go for gaming. I laid out some serious bucks for a top-of-the-line 22" LCD and was disappointed by pixel lag (60Hz vs 85Hz on CRT) and horrible viewing angles. I keep it a couple of days but couldn't convince myself that my purchase was indeed superior to the 19" CRT that I just stored in my garage. After a couple of sleepless nights, I quickly got a refund and felt much better.

LCD widescreen aren't all that bad, I use one at work for programming and I love how the widescreen displays my IDE (VS2005). But when it comes to games and movies, I can vouch that CRT (at least my NEC CRT) is still far superior than any LCD I have seen so far.
0 0 [Posted by: Tony  | Date: 09/03/08 06:00:57 PM]

THanks brother... It still amazes me I have to continually hammer folks in the forums about why spending $300+ for an LCD that's not going to be used for design/CAD or something work related, is a HUGE mistake: New for the sake of newness doesn't equate to "better." The numbers don't lie: CRT IS factually superior in design and overall usage Vs LCD for most users. LCD just ends up with people having to justify to themselves why they made a "smart" or wise purchase... but deep down they miss that flawless clarity, zero lag, amazingly vivid color preproduction... esp if you have an aperture-grill like my Viewsonic. Once I got used to *NOT* searching for the 2 support wires, I've never looked back. I'll hold on to this for as long as it works, or I'll hit up craigslist and buy another one on the SUPER cheap. I've seen 19" P95fb+'s for $50 on there!

LCD just has too many compromises for my everyday usage, but for a true work setting/activity(ies) LCD def holds weight.
0 0 [Posted by: V12V12  | Date: 09/07/08 03:23:06 PM]

Good for you to stick with that hulking CRT. Not everyone has plenty of space for a heavy screen that a)Causes headaches for many people b)emits EM waves that's o' so good for our health c)Useful as punching bags when pissed off. Then again, that c might actually be useful haha
0 0 [Posted by: chrnochime  | Date: 09/20/08 09:32:43 AM]

(No Offence, this is just for fun!)

"Hulking" = Weight and size doesn't matter for someone with real desk space and not a cubbie hole of a "room" or "office." Again for me, your point is moot.

"Headaches" and "EM waves," lmfao(!) people have been using and viewing with CRTs for LONGER than you've been alive—plz link us to agreed upon evidence in the medical field that link properly shielded CRTs to bodily harm? I'll wager your anecdotal claim is moot.

"Punching bags?" Hrmm that connotes "durability," thus revealing just how fragile and cheaply assembled LCDs are? Barely bump the screen or accidentally poke it with something and there goes your $400 investment.

I think you would do better justice toward your arguments by playing your own devil's advocate and trying to see the other side's POV? Anyway, nice try—enjoy your soon to be antiquated LCD... I know I'll still be enjoying my BiG-BOY CRT ;-)
0 0 [Posted by: V12V12  | Date: 09/23/08 05:59:07 PM]


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