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Discussion on Article:
Sony Admits: Blu-Ray Is the Last Optical Disc Format.

Started by: cobrala | Date 09/03/08 08:12:48 AM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  01/05/13 05:29:23 PM


Sony didn't "admit" to nothing.
Sony is stating this for marketing, bottom-line reasons.
Obviously HVD's in beta formats far exceed the BD-ROM specs and stand to become the next-gen optical format.

Sony may be right in their outlook, but it's not an 'admission' - it's calculated marketing.
0 0 [Posted by: cobrala  | Date: 09/03/08 08:12:48 AM]

Well technically we are past bluray at this point because we are now seeing things in bluray3D, I think if anything the companies will do more converting non 3D films to 3D, but there is also the issue of televisions having the capability of converting non3D into 3D... sure its not true digital 3D but it is a nice touch to the LG televisions
0 0 [Posted by: zakima3  | Date: 01/05/13 05:29:23 PM]


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