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Discussion on Article:
HighPoint RocketRAID 3220 and Promise SuperTrak EX8350 RAID Controllers Comparison

Started by: davecason | Date 10/12/08 10:01:54 AM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 02:44:44 PM


Two things:
Would you please publish the BIOS and Firmware versions you used on the Promise SuperTrak ex8350? I own this card and I am running the following versions:
* BIOS v2.9.0.28
* Firmware v1.3.0.32

I would also like to know if you would consider re-running the tests using the storport drivers for the Promise card. I believe these will only work on Windows 2003 Server so you would have to upgrade your base system from Windows 2000 sp4 (which seems antiquated). I am running the 64-bit edition of Windows 2003 server I show a serious improvement in performance using the storport drivers along with the BIOS and Firmware versions listed above.
0 0 [Posted by: davecason  | Date: 10/12/08 10:01:54 AM]


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