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Discussion on Article:
"Three Quarters" or 750GB Hard Disk Drives Roundup

Started by: Fedor | Date 11/07/08 04:42:27 AM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  11/10/08 03:47:47 AM

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I do believe it was a well-known fact very soon after launch that the Samsung F1 750GB drives were based on older 250GB platters (3 of them, naturally).

The speculation was that the 334GB platters were still rare, and probably significantly more costly, at launch. Only the 1TB drive [with a larger profit margin] was equipped with those platters at launch [fact], whilst 250s, 500s and 750s have 250GB platters. It took several months iirc before 640GB and 320GB F1s came to market.
0 0 [Posted by: Fedor  | Date: 11/07/08 04:42:27 AM]

If that is true, regarding platter size, wouldn't you see a little better performance from only two 334GB platters on the 640 versus 3 250's on the 750. The only problem it seems is that the 640 is limited to 16 MB of buffer versus the 32 MB on the 750. I am interested in buying one of these drives but I am curious on which one performs better.
0 0 [Posted by: aka_evil_e  | Date: 11/08/08 02:05:57 PM]
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When you say "only" two platters, it sounds to me as if you're implying that with fewer platters there is lower performance, which is not the case. In fact, while transfer rates remain the same, drives with fewer platters as a rule have slightly faster seek times than their bigger siblings from the same series - though it's so minor that it does not translate to any real-world benefit.

The 640GB is *significantly* faster than the 750GB. For starters, it's transfer speeds are roughly 120(max)/93(average)/60(min) versus 95(max)/77(average)/50(min) on the 750GB. Seek time is pretty much the same. I googled and could not find a direct 640GB vs 750GB review unfortunately, but which of them is faster seems clear.
0 0 [Posted by: Fedor  | Date: 11/10/08 03:47:47 AM]


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