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Semiprecious Samsung Monitors: Topaz Series Review

Started by: npp | Date 11/12/08 05:15:15 PM
Comments: 106 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:04:41 AM


I think monitor reviews are one area where xbitlabs truly shines. There aren't many sites on the web that can offer such competent and thorough insight into the topic. Kudos for that! As for the junior model, I was surprised to find that it costs just 160€ in Germany, which is acceptable given its color setup. It's true that one can buy a 22" model for even less money nowadays, but if I were to buy a new monitor right now, I would give the T190 a try.
0 0 [Posted by: npp  | Date: 11/12/08 05:15:15 PM]

Roundup: Touch of Color Monitor Series from Samsung:

6 monitors tested, 3 with almost perfect calibration out of the box, and 3 with terrible calibration.

I have a question, if I bought one of the badly calibrated monitors ( T260 ), is it possible to tweak the settings to the same standard as the the perfectly calibrated models. Or are they so far out that you will never achieve a good color calibration..?

I will be calibrating by eye not using proffesional equipment
0 0 [Posted by: nikev21  | Date: 11/27/08 01:03:06 AM]

Hello, Congratulations on your excellent page.
Could you share the icc profile for Samsung T220? I will apreciate very much. Thank you.
0 0 [Posted by: antonius  | Date: 09/26/11 10:39:21 PM]

So for games FPs is better to keep it off, because of the ERRORS
0 0 [Posted by: Yuriy Yakimov  | Date: 05/20/14 11:05:11 PM]


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