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ASUS X80L Notebook: Good Tool on a Budget

Started by: haider_up32 | Date 11/18/08 04:08:56 AM
Comments: 4 | Last Comment:  10/13/14 02:55:01 AM


norton shiturity products are shipped with everything...motherboard cds,asus,msi,gb........
0 0 [Posted by: haider_up32  | Date: 11/18/08 04:08:56 AM]

I got this april 2008 from low yat plaza in Kl, MY

plastic covering is cracking & place where lcd screen is connected to keyboard.

Going to give this under warranty. Hopefully they'll replace it.

Initial research shows on web, this is a common problem for many asus notebooks.

fan of asus disappointed
0 0 [Posted by: ujaveri  | Date: 05/11/09 05:55:47 AM]

I acquire my ASUS X80L at Strings Computer & Technologies at Dagupan City, Philippines on October 2008. Lately, I could not open it anymore.. I brought it to Strings and they said its already out of warranty... Is this really the life span of ASUS computers???
0 0 [Posted by: jongopolento  | Date: 05/04/10 03:44:24 PM]


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