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Discussion on Article:
Evolution of ATI’s Catalyst Driver for Radeon HD 4870

Started by: Bo_Fox | Date 01/18/09 05:53:03 AM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  06/15/16 10:58:17 AM


Wow, this is amazing.. probably the only reviewer that actually tweaks the card through the BIOS!!! Not even Techpowerup would do it for a review!!! It really does show me how much of an enthusiast you are!

I'm in the same boat myself, having tweaked the BIOS for fan settings and GPU clocks, for obvious reasons--one being power savings in idle mode and the other being noise/temperature.

At 55nm and lower, the temperature is increasingly important in reducing power leakage. Let's say that if it runs 20C cooler, it would save as much as 20W. That would be even more evident with upcoming 40nm cards. It was hardly an issue with 90nm cards, as it would only save like 2W per 20C.

0 0 [Posted by: Bo_Fox  | Date: 01/18/09 05:53:03 AM]


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