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Discussion on Article:
Gainward HD 4850 1024MB GS Graphics Card Review

Started by: Vlad | Date 02/24/09 11:16:59 AM
Comments: 6 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 02:39:36 PM

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Re: "We enabled transparent texture antialiasing, and we used multisampling mode for Nvidia solutions, because ATI solutions do not support supersampling for this function." (Testing with Nvidia's lower settings vs. ATI's maximum settings)

Please rest assured that Nvidia's TRSS-AA(TRansparency SuperSampling) is regarded as equivalent to ATI's QAAA (Quality Adaptive Anti-Aliasing). In Catalyst control center (current 9.1 drivers), ATI offers two choices for AAA: Performance and Quality.

From a while ago, roughly around the time that the 8800GTX was first released (with 150.xx forceware drivers), Nvidia improved its transparency multisampling quality so that it more closely matched ATI's performance AAA, which was far superior in comparison. Originally, Nvidia's multisampling only reduced some of the alpha texture crawling, with little to no improvement with image quality along the edges--actually worsening it in some cases. Now, Nvidia's TRMS-AA is much closer to ATI's Perf-AAA.

However, most of us with capable video cards would just rather go for TRSS-AA or Quality AAA. It is widely accepted as a rule of the thumb that the image quality of either method is overall equal, give or take a few textures and edges on different objects such as tree leaves and fence wires.

By the way, I have read countless articles on the image quality comparisons, and currently own two gaming rigs with high-end GPU's from both ATI and Nvidia. HardOCP has recently done yet another extensive research into the image quality comparisons between the two alpha-AA methods.


(Could you at least please reply to this? thanks..)
0 0 [Posted by: Bo_Fox  | Date: 02/26/09 01:14:58 PM]
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Personally, i don't see much visual difference between ATI Quality and Performance AAA. In my opinion, Nvidia TRSS looks much better, than both ATI modes. But ok, we'll try to dig into this as soon as possible.
0 0 [Posted by: Vader@Xbit  | Date: 02/26/09 03:07:21 PM]
Personally, i think that you are very biased towards nvidia in your article.Where Nvidia wins, nvidia is superior.Where ATI wins, not even a word.

Nvidia's default aa since the 8000 series release is the coverage sampling not the multisampling, and here's a comparison between the two of them:

You can see that the coverage-scene aa which is the default aa used by the current Nvidia cards
is even worse than the original multi sampled method, especially with higher samples.

As for ATI, the Radeon cards have been using the adaptive sampled aa since the 1800 series which is the default aa used by the Radeon cards since the 3000 series.The quality aa of the Radeon cards since the 3000 series is the super-adaptive aa. take a look at this chart that show how ATI's default AD aa is significantly better than the MSaa which is better than Nvidia's CSaa.

0 0 [Posted by: Vlad  | Date: 02/28/09 12:32:55 PM]

I'm not even sure why this article was done. I've read a bunch of reviews on the 4850 and no one gets a fundamental fact- I buy a 4850 because A) I actually want some real framerates @ 1920x1200 with some eye candy, but really becuase B) I WANT CARDS IN MY RIG OTHER THAN VIDEO CARDS. I want a sound card b/c I don't like onboard sound and the like. Why would I buy a 4850 with a dual-slot cooler when it gives up that advantage? Take the P6T that you just reviewed. Two of these cards in Crossfire and I can't put in a PCI-E soundcard. CrossfireX with these and I can't put in ANYTHING else. The ATX form-factor has run its course. We need a new MB form-factor.
And besides, the 1GB 4850 cards are just as if not more expensive than the 4870 1GB. Add all of that up and you get a useless card. If you want 1GB in a 4850, go buy a Sapphire and get the best of both worlds. http://www.sapphiretech.c...ew.php?gpid=248&grp=3
0 0 [Posted by: lightinggod  | Date: 03/16/09 04:48:22 PM]


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