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Roundup: Hard Disk Drives with 640GB Storage Capacity

Started by: LuxZg | Date 03/08/09 06:25:48 AM
Comments: 11 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:36:13 AM


Just to check, as I'm just into buying new HDD (mostly for storage) - are these tests comparable to 1TB article? I saw some stuff about PCI-X interface speed changes giving extra speed to Spinpoint F1 1TB drive, so I'm just wondering if I should compare these numbers (let's say WD Blue and Black) to numbers of F1 1TB drive with "normal" or those 66MHz results?

Overall, if they are comparable, these 640GB drives offer more performance at aproximately same price/GB ratio. am I right? So if I want my storage drive to be fast, it's still better to have 640GB drive than 1TB one(?)

Can we expect 1.5TB Seagate drive benches soon as well?

P.S. There should really be a common performance rating for each of these drives at the end of an article.. Or one place where we can compare drives even if they are different in size :/

EDIT: Compared Spinpoint F1 1TB drive and WD Blue 640GB drive
- F1 is just slightly more expensive per GB than WD Blue
- WD Blue wins 19 while F1 wins 12 tests (took 66MHz in consideration as well, otherwise it would be much less); took only FC-test and PCMark results as they were much easier to read than IOMark and IOMeter
- WD Blue has lower power consumption, but if you need 1.5x more 640GB drives for same storage, sooo.. F1 actually wins if you look that way
- EDIT2: ah, and in multithreaded benches, F1 again wins just 3 and WD Blue wins 5 of them, so it would be 24 vs 15 in total bench wins in favour of WD Blue 640GB drive

So I think I'll be buying 640GB WD Blue most probably (maybe even Black as it's not much more expensive). There is one more advantage for 640GB drives (for me) - it's much easier to buy few 85$ drives one by one, as you need the space, than shell out 135$ for 1TB drive right away (local prices ofcourse)

Cheers, and thanks for these articles! They came just in the right moment for me

EDIT3: Oh, and I'm taking Black after all - has 5y warranty instead 3y that both WD Blue and Samsung drives have..

EDIT4: Darned be technology! "Samsung Begins Shipments of 1.5TB Hard Disk Drives; Opens Doors to 2TB HDDs".. Sooo, when will we have benches of this one?
0 0 [Posted by: LuxZg  | Date: 03/08/09 06:25:48 AM]

It would have been interesting to see some results with the Raptor/Velociraptor drives. Just to see how much diference those very expensive drives make in the real world testing...
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 03/16/09 02:55:28 AM]

Make some noise benchmark!!!
0 0 [Posted by: Manijak  | Date: 03/18/09 06:26:18 AM]


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