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Discussion on Article:
Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision Stereoscopic Glasses Review

Started by: LuxZg | Date 04/15/09 10:44:49 AM
Comments: 99 | Last Comment:  09/01/16 05:52:37 PM


Highs and lows in the end of the article are all fine, but some parts of the article don't pronounce it as much as they should.

First off, that iZ3D monitor is same 400$ that Samsung one costs. Their glasses are 10$ and nVidia glasses are 200$. And with iZ3D I don't think you need just nVidia cards, you can buy any card that suites you. So why being so vocal about Zalman and iz3D soluzions having "only one source of equipment", when nvidia hardware is also "just once source".. Only nVidia glasses, and only nVidia GPUs are supported.

It seems like a nice technology, more so than others, I agree. Specialy since people will start buying 120Hz monitors more and more in a year or two from now, just like they did with LCD TVs, without thinking about 3D (good parallel there with sound). But I would really appriciate it if was supported with any graphics card, in any OS, and with any glasses (or at least glasses with more than one source, and less than 200$ per package). Still a lot work to do there. But it's a good foundation so we can have seamless transition to true 3D games in 4-5 years from now. Hopefully by than it won't be "nVidia only" just the same as PhysX. Who knows, maybe future DirectX incorporates this as well
0 0 [Posted by: LuxZg  | Date: 04/15/09 10:44:49 AM]

As an 8800GT owner who can play almost every game at his chosen resolution (16*10) maxed out due to the fact they are all console ports (i.e. designed to run on a 7800GTX) this actually gives me a reason to upgrade.

Because these multi-platform games should be pretty easy to enable stereo for it means I'd actually have a use for a faster graphics card should I choose to buy one. At the moment all I'd get by buying a 200 series is better AA.

Shame the rest of it is currently so expensive. Monitor isn't too bad as it's not just for stereo - even non stereo gaming would benefit from 120hz. However the glasses only have one use, so pretty hard to justify $200 on top of everything else.
0 0 [Posted by: Dribble  | Date: 04/17/09 09:11:28 AM]

Just wanted to say that if you have not tried this, please do it.
There is NO UPGRADE that compares to this. We spends lots of money on parts to add FPS and all the likes but nothing takes your gaming experience to the next level like this.
Dont take my word for it, look for a demo station or something.
0 0 [Posted by: shaolin95  | Date: 10/09/09 06:56:27 AM]


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