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Discussion on Article:
1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB... Does Anyone Want More?

Started by: danyadd | Date 05/10/09 05:37:36 AM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 03:25:02 PM


The 2TB Western Digital Green WD20EADS is not a 5400 rpm drive:
it is a 5400-7200 rpm drive.
Have a look:
0 0 [Posted by: danyadd  | Date: 05/10/09 05:37:36 AM]

I,ve get a 2TB western Digital WD20eads rotation speed 5400 on my there is 10 pins but on the one page it,s get 8 pin ???????????????????????????????????????[/b]
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/10/10 04:29:28 AM]


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