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1/2 of 2009: Top News for the First Half of the Year

Started by: CSMR | Date 07/02/09 03:54:37 AM
Comments: 30 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:16:06 AM


Hmm, average selection. Here's my top 10 list from my Xbit RSS feed:
Two from the above

Microsoft Windows 7 Launch Date Presumably Revealed
Microsoft’s Retail Push Set to Improve the Company’s Image

And another 8.

NEC's New Memory Tech Can Enable Zero Power Consumption of Chips in Idle Mode
Global Information Technologies Purchases Set to Decline in 2009
Western Digital Officially Reveals 2TB Hard Disk Drives
ATI Unveils World's First Graphics Processors Made Using 40nm Process Technology
JEDEC Publishes First Official Spec for Solid-State Drive
IDT Develops Industry's First Multi-Monitor DisplayPort Solution
TSMC on Track to Produce 28nm Chips in Early 2010
Intel Accelerates Transition to 32nm Process Technology
0 0 [Posted by: CSMR  | Date: 07/02/09 03:54:37 AM]

This is strange statements from two very respectible persons. The problem with Intel,being it wants to make Graphics,into their CPU.To compete with AMD. Nvidia really competes to AMD,but has been succeful in providing motherboards for Intel since a while back. AMD too makes motherboards.
Since I can remember though,there was always the 'standard'to accomadate the relevence of the GPU. For now,there are 3 Core i7 mainboards,that have no onboard graphics cards. This means that (from my point of view) Intel can have something on the market in exactitude,before it drops below its Moores rule of 18 months. i7s are great yes,better than AMD ,yes,but their cost is very high. Why I read reviews for months and months,the software,and hardware availability finally converge,just to have everything falling off of the list of tallied support. i7s are like this. Started only a year ago,and still very (too much)expensive.
Well to Intel-you dont NEED a graphics chip on the (get this)m-atx motherboard to put the i7 on it ! What I mean. My point of view is that why does the pro/performance create those fire breathing bohemeths. They dont have to be to be comparable to the ATX configurations. And to Nvidia "I dont care about SLI" ! Then to all of them,let us compete ! And still be compatible in those standards.
This type of opinion is not as relevent shared to somebody who just wants the best of OEMs however. So that they take what can be offered by them. I've got no qums about this. Exept that they don't have to be underpowered for example. ATIs first set of Vista Graphics was a disaster. Everybody knows it. The drivers where,and are presently only here and now ready for determinent prooving of performance.
Nvidias SLI is big,and hot. They dont have to be. For these three m-atxs,there is competition between everybody. At least for that choosing between them. At least there should be some kind of competition between these components for not only the proprietors. But for the market,even if they are indifferent to the performance stats.
Intels graphics have been traditionally the worst of the worst. Maybe they see the servers coming on with something.But lets be serious about catering to logic.
18 months is two babies long. Then thats it.
What I've seen. Now we have the U-turn with Windows 7 Dx11 etc. I'll be happy with my Core i7 matx,and ATI graphics card so,then does that make Windows 7 happy ? I dont know,whats in it for me Nvidia ?
Wish them luck.
0 0 [Posted by: Chorus Of Jeers  | Date: 07/02/09 08:05:00 AM]


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