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Discussion on Article:
Intel DX58SO: a Completely Different Mainboard

Started by: unclewebb | Date 07/03/09 07:34:30 AM
Comments: 12 | Last Comment:  12/19/15 08:19:55 AM


The CPU multiplier can be changing hundreds of times a second. Software that only samples the multiplier once per second will not give you an accurate look at what's really going on.

Give i7 Turbo a try. It is the only program that accurately calculates the average multiplier during each 1 second interval using the Intel recommended method outlined in their November 2008 Turbo White Paper.

With i7 Turbo you can also save the data in Excel .CSV format for graphing or further data analysis.

Here is the main forum for i7 Turbo on XtremeSystems:
0 0 [Posted by: unclewebb  | Date: 07/03/09 07:34:30 AM]

Nice Article.
Intel can really mix things up if they embrace the concept of OCing. Don't think it would be fair to the other MB companies.
They would have to compete on price......
0 0 [Posted by: oldDummy  | Date: 07/03/09 05:33:00 PM]

Excellent review, i have to congratulate you for your knowledge, dedication and for this website, is outstanding!!

Greetings from Colombia!!
0 0 [Posted by: holmanextremo  | Date: 02/22/11 07:00:27 AM]


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