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Discussion on Article:
AMD Talks Fusion: Technology, Software, Strategy

Started by: FLA | Date 12/08/10 02:52:01 PM
Comments: 16 | Last Comment:  12/19/15 02:39:42 AM


Very nice interview, XBit. Keep em coming.

My new hardware purchase coincides with the release of Bulldozer, so fun times are ahead.
0 0 [Posted by: FLA  | Date: 12/08/10 02:52:01 PM]

I reckon that even junior IT person must know that Turbo Core (or Turbo Boost) means pushing cpu frequency up not throttling it down.
0 1 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 12/09/10 10:36:46 AM]

Great article. And Azarel, I think he is talking about throttling down as a diversion to avoid saying the chips won't be throttling up ;-)
0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 12/10/10 08:32:04 AM]

And that's why he needed three times to catch up to what he was asked about?

I reckon that the main AMD's problem is the lack of professionalism.
And that started since Ruiz's time with Weber's departure.
0 1 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 12/11/10 02:32:27 AM]

I dont think it is wise to use Single-Channel DDR3, we need dual channel for speed/platform optimization.

Perhaps, Brazos should adapt Dual-Channel when user is on normal AC power/extended battery pack, and downgrade to Single-Channel when user goes portable, on battery mode.

Rams are fast, but only if you use them right.

Intel's triple channel has AMD on the edge of the cliff, and Nvidia has Tegra250 upcoming fast... ...

AMD needs to think ahead, but not just play catch-up.

God bless lightspeed.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 12/17/10 10:56:55 AM]

so you have the big blue IBM cell processor technologie only i don't know of it's based on a treath ore an interrupt:
0 0 [Posted by: chipmonsky  | Date: 01/28/11 01:54:13 AM]


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