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Discussion on Article:
AMD vs. Intel: Integrated Platforms

Started by: CSMR | Date 09/15/09 10:34:49 AM
Comments: 16 | Last Comment:  12/19/15 07:44:46 AM

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Good review but these platforms have been around for a long time (taking 780G and 785G together). In other Xbit news today, intel begins production of Clarkdale.

Two points about the article.

Gaming: I would not agree with is that these platforms are not suitable for even low end gaming. You can play almost all pc games (and a lot of emulated ones) with integrated graphics with no compromises. It is only the latest graphically-demanding games that are problematic. That's an very small fraction of games that have been produced, and a smaller fraction of games that are worth playing.

Power: If you ask people designing low power systems (e.g. at SPCR) they will tell you AMD has the edge, although it is marginal. They can get <30W idle with AMD but not Intel. However I am sure Intel will have a big advantage in power and performance when Clarkdale/Arrandale are introduced.
0 0 [Posted by: CSMR  | Date: 09/15/09 10:34:49 AM]

When are the P55 reviews coming out? There was so much fuss about these boards before intel lift off the restriction and almost no reviews after the official anouncement. What is going on?
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 09/15/09 04:09:39 PM]
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We are gooing to post a bunch of P55 reviews next two weeks. Stay tuned
0 0 [Posted by: Gavric  | Date: 09/16/09 06:34:52 AM]
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 09/17/09 04:28:10 AM]

I would have been inclined to use an Athlon X2 250 Regor in the AMD testbed versus the more expensive and power hungry Callisto.

And a comparison against an C2D E7400 would then have been an extension of the recent article:

This 'artful' selection of CPUs would have swung the price/power discussion more decisively toward AMD.
0 0 [Posted by: Black Jacque  | Date: 09/16/09 05:43:41 AM]

You downplay the significance of 7.1 LPCM audio as being only for limited users ATM but this is totally wrong, most ppl building HTPC's these days demand at least 7.1 LPCM sound

that is the reason NV GF9300 IGP are so popular..............NOT because they have the best video characteristics but because of 7.1 LPCM pass thru
0 0 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 09/17/09 01:48:50 AM]

Amd chipsets are rock solid far better integrated Gpu performance then any Intel crap chipset.
0 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 09/18/09 08:32:37 PM]


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