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A Great Ship Needs Deep Waters: 14 Power Supply Units with 1000W+ Capacity

Started by: iieeann | Date 10/06/09 06:29:52 AM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  10/07/09 07:49:50 AM


I owned an Odin 1200W before. The PSU is having problem of after shutdown unable to start again immediately. It needs at least 15min to rest before able to start again, which is extremely annoying. Imagine that when we are doing hardware swapping or overclocking. During overclocking the system may shutdown and restart again, and this is where the PSU refused to work. This happened to 3 different mainboards - DFI NF4 SLi (AMD), Asus x58 Rampage II Extreme and MSI x58 Eclipse, so i am sure this is not mainboard issue.

I end up getting a Corsair 1000HX and the problem is gone. Not yet try other PSU.

This type of review cannot detect issue like this, it needs regular usage to discover the problems.
0 0 [Posted by: iieeann  | Date: 10/06/09 06:29:52 AM]

It's always really intresting reading your PSU reviews as xbit testing is thurough and well written.. But remembring your previous article on how much power a system needs I find it a pity you spend so much effort on very high wattage PSU's rather than PSU's in the 500-750W region. Perhaps there is an as good review on medium power PSU's coming up? I hope.. There are really only a few percentage of systems needing power in the +1000W region, you have proven so your self.Looking forward to more quality PSU reviews from xbit labs
0 0 [Posted by: lacrits  | Date: 10/06/09 08:20:49 AM]

Hey, where's the ripple chart for the Hiper? Is it just not visible to me here? I was actually very interested in that particular result.
0 0 [Posted by: Joe Public  | Date: 10/07/09 07:49:50 AM]


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