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Discussion on Article:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti: The Hero of Our Times

Started by: knowom | Date 01/25/11 09:13:17 AM
Comments: 8 | Last Comment:  01/29/11 12:08:35 PM

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Uh oh Charlie isn't gonna be happy today after reading these reviews haha.
0 0 [Posted by: knowom  | Date: 01/25/11 09:13:17 AM]
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Charlie can't bear to write about NV anymore.
He allocated more moderate person for this.
0 0 [Posted by: Azazel  | Date: 01/25/11 09:25:18 PM]

I guess you didn't get the memo on AMD lowering prices on 6870, 6950 and 6970...

Also, with AMD changing the Catalyst settings in 11.1 so that Quality is the SAME as Nvidia Quality, why test AMD at HQ??
0 0 [Posted by: mamisano  | Date: 01/25/11 02:17:10 PM]

What kind of review is this when majority of the games being tested are bias towards Nvidia (TWIMTBP). According to THG, GTX 560 Ti sits in the middle of the pack. 2-3 games they tested as TWIMTBP titles and the card shoots up like a rocket beating the HD6950 2GB. With non-biased games even the HD5870 was competitive and out perform the GTX560 Ti in most of the benchmarks.

Poor conclusion and this card didn't bring that same excitement as the GTX 460.
GTX 460<---WOW! Amazing! Awesome!
GTX 560 Ti<----Meh, Boooring, Yawn!
0 0 [Posted by: yut123  | Date: 01/25/11 10:21:51 PM]
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There is no problem in testing with TWIMTBP games, becasuse there are a lot of them out there. In the other games the cards are comparable, and in the optimized games Nvidia is ahead which makes them better when you draw the line.
0 0 [Posted by: cosminmcm  | Date: 01/26/11 01:27:29 AM]

hawx2 is pure Nvidia sponsered game.. dont use it as benchmark software. and where is Crysis warhead ?
0 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 01/26/11 02:32:04 AM]

I'm having couple of Sapphire 5850 2GB Toxic cards and one 5870 2GB Eyefinity 6 edition. I would love to see how GTX 560 scores against them. Any inputs in this regard?

Am also looking to buy 2 cards, building 2 two high end PCs based on i7-2600K/P67 platform. I thought of going about Sapphire 6950 Toxic edition. What do you suggest?

Note: am least interested in CFX/SLI config. One single card per PC is more than sufficient.
0 0 [Posted by: bulava  | Date: 01/27/11 06:12:01 AM]

Good card ,but with Nvidia gtx 570 ,560 ... you cant play for example F1 2010 - DirectX 11 on 3 screen ,eyefinity mode,(5760x1080)you can do this with Ati 6970.To do this with Nvidia u must have 2 graphic cards (expensive).
0 0 [Posted by: Blackcode  | Date: 01/29/11 12:08:35 PM]


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