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Discussion on Article:
GMC AVC-S7: Ultra-Slim HTPC Case

Started by: soetje22 | Date 10/06/09 02:01:56 PM
Comments: 1 | Last Comment:  10/06/09 02:01:56 PM


Nice review.
I have a comment on the appearance.
From the front it looks oke. But the flaw lies in when you take the cover down.
It creates the effect of less attraction. When you use apple products, they stay looking good all the time. The "secret" is that you cannot change the appearnce of the product.. because it has no flaps and hidden panels on its equipement.
Even when you add cables.
So it is a pity that GMC didn't apply this approach.
0 0 [Posted by: soetje22  | Date: 10/06/09 02:01:56 PM]


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