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Discussion on Article:
Superfluity and Insufficiency of Gigabyte GA-P55-UD6 Mainboard

Started by: Joey | Date 10/10/09 06:57:53 AM
Comments: 4 | Last Comment:  10/13/09 01:11:19 PM


Thanks for the article. I've been meaning to ask, how do you invoke "static Turbo Boost"? Do you disable Turbo Boost and set the 22x multiplier manually? I ask because I also have an i7 860 and a GA-P55-UD3R mobo, and the BIOS says the highest multiplier I can choose is 21x.

Also, is "IMC" voltage the same as "QPI/Vtt" in the Gigabyte BIOS?

Thanks for any answers.
0 0 [Posted by: Joey  | Date: 10/10/09 06:57:53 AM]

Static Turbo Boost = enable Turbo Boost + disable C3-C7 state. Yes, IMC voltage is the same as "QPI/Vtt" in the Gigabyte BIOS
0 0 [Posted by: D4E  | Date: 10/12/09 12:32:03 PM]

Hi. Can you guys test for S3 sleep resume when overclocked on this board and publish you result? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just ballpark, very rough ranges of how far along in the overclock s3 sleep remained functional.

Its important (primarily with gigabyte boards)for this reason. A lot of gigabyte boards are given great reviews for being super overclockers which is great, but it comes at a hefty price. You may be able to overclock a chip 1.4 ghz stably on a gigabyte board, but at about a 300mhz gain, s3 sleep goes bye bye. It drove me nuts, and gigabyte refuses to address the problem, despite it plaguing pretty much every p45 and a good deal of the x58 boards on the market. The end user has to choose between having a 4ghz chip or being able to sleep his PC. I'd rather have a board that only lets me overclock by 1ghz whilst keeping s3 sleep than one that lets me overclock by 1.4ghz but loses s3 sleep pretty much right away.

Quite frankly, I'm not buying another gigabyte board (I've been through 3 of them, -not to mention several sets of ram, 2 cpus, etc- looking for one with working s3 sleep when overclocked) or any board until I'm 100 percent sure that when I overclock it a decent amount, I'll still have s3 sleep working.

0 0 [Posted by: Sunburn74  | Date: 10/12/09 11:34:18 PM]

Oh, snap! Many thanks, D4E. I now realise that I should have read the Lynnfield overclocking guide (w/ Asus P7P55D Deluxe) more carefully, since it was explained there. I had misregarded that bit and thought those states were power saving related. Oh well, silly me. Thanks again for your articles, they are certainly most useful.
0 0 [Posted by: Joey  | Date: 10/13/09 01:11:19 PM]


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