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Discussion on Article:
Graphics Card Armor: Thermalright T-Rad2 GTX Cooler and VRM Heatsinks

Started by: cobrala | Date 10/12/09 08:48:35 PM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 02:45:57 PM


Thermalright's the shit but this is a complete shock to me.

I have an HR-03+ for my 8800U that has just simply been an ideal solution.
Thermalright's customer service, though speaking extremely broken english was incredibly-kind and helpful, redirecting through a series of contacts until I spoke with a Taiwan individual who replaced my RAM/MOSFET/etc. heatsinks FOR FREE - all because I removed their tape, and used thermal adhesive on an 8800U that fried previously (thus leaving me the GPU heatsink and brackets only). I even offered to pay them for their troubles and they wouldn't have it.

That's pretty special. And this is too for Radeons. Unfortunately they're hacking one part to fit two entirely different layouts and well, this is just a hACK for NVIDIA parts.
0 0 [Posted by: cobrala  | Date: 10/12/09 08:48:35 PM]


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