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Discussion on Article:
Seven Coolers on Six-Core AMD and Intel Processors

Started by: bereft | Date 02/05/11 12:54:00 AM
Comments: 12 | Last Comment:  02/16/11 05:31:49 PM

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I also have to say a few words about the tests performed on AMD platform. Although we used the top AMD Phenom II X6 processor, its heat dissipation is quite modest even after we overclocked it beyond 4 GHz compared to overclocked Intel Core i7

In simpler terms, AMDs chips are way cooler than the Intel Core i7 home microwave ovens.

therefore, the difference in cooling efficiency among the today’s testing participants is smaller.

In simpler terms it means you dont have to pay a fortune in expensive air coolers since the AMD chips are way cooler than the Intel Core i7 microwave ovens.

Moreover, coolers can usually be installed in only two ways on AMD processors, which limits our ability to study their cooling efficiency more diversely. Besides, the way the CPU is locked in its socket doesn’t let us estimate the quality of contact between the CPU and the cooler base from the thermal paste imprint, because we have to turn the cooler slightly during dismounting to avoid damaging the CPU. It produces a smudged imprint. Nevertheless, we will continue to include AMD platform tests into our cooler reviews from time to time.

In simpler terms, we love Intel and dont like AMD, testing AMD is a burden for us but someone has to get the job done.
0 1 [Posted by: bereft  | Date: 02/05/11 12:58:26 AM]
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In simpler terms, AMD does less per clock, so AMD is way cooler cause they don't do anything.

Truth be told I like AMD, but your condescending Apple-like rhetoric is so stupid it makes AMD look bad.

I'm done troll feeding. Congrats for the lure.
1 0 [Posted by: xrror  | Date: 02/05/11 08:59:07 AM]
I thought Apples all run Intel Inside dont they?

Truth be told my post just ridiculed your overall Intel fanboi asslicking attitude, now continue with your life.
0 1 [Posted by: bereft  | Date: 02/06/11 03:45:41 AM]

overall Intel fanboi asslicking attitude

Truth be told (bereft's almighty Truth(tm))... I'm sure Sergey Lepilov can fight his own battles.

But yes I'm such an Intel fanboi. I totally bought a goldfingers for my Athlon classic and did bridgemods on my socket A processors because of my Intel fanboi'ism. You know, after the K6-III+ I still use as a DOS machine.

Yep, you sure pegged me loving Intel. It must be the absolute joy I feel when I can't get a six-core socket 1366 processor for under $900. Yea... that must be due to my asslicking. Or is it the attitude? I guess I'm not well enough versed in this ridicule you have handed out upon me.

So yes I think I will go continue with my life. It was just me venting at you for basically crapping on the article without offering any real constructive feedback. Which even that normally doesn't bother me, it was the condescending "I know everything" tone that actually got me to post.

So... "Truth be told" you have pretty much shone the quality of your character.
0 0 [Posted by: xrror  | Date: 02/08/11 07:08:01 AM]
Well said xrror, he does make AMD fans look sad.

Perhaps bereft should explain why the six core AMD is priced under the 4 cores Core i7's and why its performance is around equivalent to a 4core intel. Or why he isn't using a Cell processor when they have so many more cores then AMD processors!
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 02/08/11 09:48:15 AM]

It's a bad thing for a CPU to run cool? Who woulda think it
0 0 [Posted by: bbo320  | Date: 02/05/11 10:39:44 PM]

Something xrror is gonna say is about IPC I think.
And that thing seems to be true. Please tell me if this theory is wrong.
& thanks for the review by the way.

0 0 [Posted by: Pouria  | Date: 02/05/11 11:56:01 PM]
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Yea Intel has the edge on extracting more utilization out of a core than AMD does ATM. The fact that i7 can get hotter, while at a lower voltage and on a better process should say something.

And before bereft jumps all over that as some sort of fanboi statement... well it's true. AMD makes it up to you though by giving you two more cores for free though =D

I am excited to see how Bulldozer does though. I really want to see AMD compete as an equal with Intel again - and no right now they are not.

I'm pretty sure they have the design chops to do it, I just hope GlobalFoundries 32nm and beyond are up to competing with Intel. Or course if Intel keeps plowing forward with the Atom mentality maybe it won't matter.

Should be an exciting year in any case. Personally I'd love to go back to an AMD platform again since Intel has pretty much achieved their goal of controlling the platform completely with Sandy Bridge. Motherboard makers can't really do anything fun now =(

I mean once Intel gets a full taste of integrating the traditional southbridge with Atom, and merges that experience with Ivy Bridge... you might as well forget about platform choice on the Intel side. ugh.

Which errr, I totally went on a tangent there. oops. Um, I really hope xbitlabs has updated heatsink reviews with Bulldozer? =)
0 0 [Posted by: xrror  | Date: 02/08/11 07:42:40 AM]

I guess this is the first time you guys at Xbit have messed with AMD. The MAXIMUM temp for AMD chips is 62c. I was appalled to see such insane high temps in your results. If you are going to continue to use AMD chips in your reviews for coolers then you must keep the max load temps under 62c. Most overclocks become highly unstable when the full load temp is over 57c for AMD. Thubans do have temp sensor issues and they can be off, but that needs to be verified and adjustments put in place before testing so you know the actual temp as well as post what you did to get there. You cant just post reviews with temps in the 70s and not expect people to complain to Xbit about how they fried their new CPU following YOUR guidelines.
0 0 [Posted by: daseto  | Date: 02/07/11 10:59:14 PM]
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Although AMD states 62c is the max, that's to protect themselves from returns of fried processors now that they sell unlocked processors for overclocking. Because their temperature sensor is faulty I don't see how any of the temperature readings from it can be believed except that they're consistent when comparing all the products on 1 cpu. With the stock cooler under load you can expect temperatures that exceed the max 62c so their stock cooler is not even sufficiently safe. Additionally AMD products now have thermal protection which either throttles or shuts off the CPU to protect it.
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 02/08/11 10:19:13 AM]

I think most of these coolers for Alpehfoehn, Deep Cool, Thermolab and so on are made / designed by the same OEM in China. Just like Foxconn designs products for Apple, Dell, HP and Sony. Considering they are copies of already pretty badly reviewed products. If you were going to make a knockoff you'd make it based on a well reviewed product like Thermalright's designs.

Also explains the volume of heat pipe direct contact products on the market since the OEM has a large production line dedicated to that method which must be kept full, even though heat pipe direct contact is worse then other methods.
0 0 [Posted by: cashkennedy  | Date: 02/08/11 09:55:43 AM]

I wouldn't mind seeing this new cooler reviewed:
0 0 [Posted by: Tim the Enchanter  | Date: 02/16/11 05:31:49 PM]


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