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Discussion on Article:
AMD Talks Fusion: Vision, Solutions, Software

Started by: BernardP | Date 03/21/11 11:19:46 AM
Comments: 36 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:14:39 AM

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Could it be that that X-Bit Labs (XBL) has been selected by AMD to be the "official leaks and preview web site" for the upcoming Llano and Bulldozer processors?

We know that XBL is probably the most objective hardware review site on the web. For example, in the past, XBL has never been afraid to point out weaknesses in some of AMD's CPU products.

If AMD has chosen XBL, this might mean that they are very confident that the final product will be good enough to earn favorable reviews from Anton and the like when Llano and Bulldozer (finally...) become available.

0 0 [Posted by: BernardP  | Date: 03/21/11 11:19:46 AM]

So this is the guy that is not able to hire 20 programmers and come up with an encoding program that would get better results than INTEL's quick sync. Achieving this goal in 3~4 months using the huge amount of performance that Radeon 5xxx or 6xxx series card have to offer should not be that difficult.

That piece of software should have a special routine for Fusion CPUs that should result , at least, in a doubling of the performance of using only the x86 part of the Fusion CPUs. Not comparison with INTEL's Quick Sync needed here. The CPUs are not in the same class. But they should provide the buyer with an obvious benefit from having Fusion.

He is the guy that can't hire 3 people to always revise INTEL's compilers and provide patched versions to the open community.

Work with developers? Why not work with WinRAR developer and provide a special optimization when used with AMD CPUs and GPUs?

RAR Labs is a small company and they would enjoy even the smallest amount of funding/help/support.

Providing superior performance in video encoding and archiving would be very healthy for AMD's image that currently doesn't have a hardware solution that performances better than INTEL's counter part.

WTF is wrong with this guy ?

How come these simple actions seem to be out of his mind?!?!?
0 0 [Posted by: East17  | Date: 03/22/11 04:45:32 AM]
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Fully agree. No software, no Fusion. Guys, show power of APU. Without software it remains simple IGP
0 0 [Posted by: crwl08  | Date: 03/28/11 01:17:36 PM]

This is great news if they can get this to ware it is affordable to every one however their graphics drivers are not very good over all. More or less stuck using nvidia atm.
0 0 [Posted by: nforce4max  | Date: 03/22/11 08:39:25 PM]


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