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Discussion on Article:
Equilibrium: AMD Radeon HD 6990 vs. Nvidia GeForce GTX 590

Started by: lh3nry | Date 03/24/11 06:41:49 AM
Comments: 26 | Last Comment:  09/25/16 05:13:59 AM

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Historically, with the 7900GX2, 9800GX2 & GTX 295, Nvidia took it's "Top Dog" performance crown back from ATI with it's dual cards...

Congratulations DAAMIT, you have come a long way & managed to hang on. You've made us all very proud.. *single tear*
0 0 [Posted by: lh3nry  | Date: 03/24/11 06:41:49 AM]

Incomplete review in my opinion! Instead of sli 570 you shoud test the 580 sli. What is the relevance of 570 over 580? Does gtx 590 have 2 570 or 2 580 on board...?
0 0 [Posted by: sirmotto  | Date: 03/24/11 07:33:46 AM]
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Yes, GTX 590 has two 580 chips onboard. But pair of GTX 570 works faster than GTX 590 in most cases. Two of GTX 580s will be more faster, it is obvious. Don't think, that adding GTX 580 SLI in the review is necessary.
0 1 [Posted by: Tester128  | Date: 03/24/11 07:46:32 AM]
That's the problem... as u said it... you don't think.
0 0 [Posted by: sirmotto  | Date: 03/26/11 02:51:39 AM]

here Hardocp conclusion : However, our evaluation has clearly revealed that the GTX 590 is very much equal to "GeForce GTX 570 SLI on a single card." At least it is priced somewhat accordingly, at $699, but even still, there were some cases where the GeForce GTX 570 SLI was few percent faster. And there are cases where GeForce GTX 570 SLI is less expensive by a good margin.

( so tester 128 is right )

We truly thought the GTX 590 was going to make the Radeon 6990 look bad, but the fact of the matter is that NVIDIA made the 6990 look that much better. The GTX 590 is not the "World's Fastest Single Card Solution" as stated on our page 1 slides; the Radeon HD 6990 is very much retaining that title. Hail to the King, baby! .

Looking at the benchmarks here is see completly different results, some say nvidia is faster some AMD.. hard to make a clear statement wich is faster.
0 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 03/24/11 08:32:00 AM]

Equal price, equal performance, probably equal power draw.
Here are the biggest differences:
Nvidia: Physics

Personaly I prefer the MLAA option for games that don't support AA, but maybe it's just me.
0 0 [Posted by: TAViX  | Date: 03/24/11 12:19:11 PM]

WOW, the only website saying that GTX590 is as fast as HD6990. Too bad for nvidia that it's actually not true!
0 0 [Posted by: novv  | Date: 03/24/11 12:53:33 PM]
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aggreed man
0 0 [Posted by: agus fitriadi  | Date: 03/24/11 06:10:15 PM]
ya. me to.
0 0 [Posted by: penaseh88  | Date: 03/27/11 12:10:33 AM]

Fanbois gnash teeth
0 0 [Posted by: beck2448  | Date: 03/24/11 04:06:13 PM]

Not fair
if want to compete, lets 590 set at full clock as it's origin, set it to 580 configuration
than the battle start
there will see hwo the shining star
0 0 [Posted by: agus fitriadi  | Date: 03/24/11 06:09:16 PM]
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lets 590 set at full clock

As I read, 590 overclocking is dangerous. Some reviewers have burned out they samples. For example: or on video:
0 2 [Posted by: Tester128  | Date: 03/25/11 02:31:05 AM]
Linus did on youtube, and many others have, leave it to the fanboys to spew about Wizzard's screw up at TPU - funny thing he was going nutso Overclocking the card like mad, and went soldering like crazy after he cooked something, to burn it out completely, then laid out the whole sorry tale, and we found out he used the wrong driver, set the voltage too high. and screwed it with the OC software... and whom knows if he uncloked the power draw even though he claims he didn't - he WROTE THE PROG to do so - so it's highly questionable - the other amdati fanboy raver they have going is some super OC team swedes or whatever foreginer's video... so we have two raging OC monsters far beyond specs.. and this is "evidence"...


OC any 590 to 580x2 speeds and it DESTROYS the non-scaling in comparison 6990...

That's why the FANBOY FANATICS have to try to remove OC from the equation, this time...

I CAN'T STAND THEM - so dishonest.
0 0 [Posted by: SiliconDoc  | Date: 09/02/11 02:04:30 AM]

Two Monsters, undeniable!!

Excellent test and review!!!
0 0 [Posted by: holmanextremo  | Date: 03/25/11 12:13:52 PM]

Thx for review. If i buy hd6990 today, I can use this Graphic card for two year. just like my HD4890 CF.
0 0 [Posted by: penaseh88  | Date: 03/26/11 03:18:28 AM]

It is simple. If you buy Radeon, you want your babies to be become bullies.

If you buy NVidia, you are going to have a technological utopia where everybody are free.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 03/26/11 09:35:08 AM]
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totally nonsense
0 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 03/26/11 04:06:48 PM]

Being an AMD man I'm happy to see them still on top, where they never left with the 5970 being the fastest until the 6990 arrived. That being said competition is important and though I dont like Nvidia for to many reasons their existence makes AMD better.

The Fermi is not a bad chip, it just seems to be one generation behind. I am surprised that Nvidia didnt go with twin 114's on the card as it might have made a better choice.

0 2 [Posted by: DEADTIME  | Date: 03/28/11 10:40:51 PM]

Nvidia is crippling the double performance on the 500 series, so opencl performance will not match the AMD cards. This is due to them not wanting to distract companies away from the Tesla card range, which uses the same graphics/gpu core.

Also imagine quality varies, due to the different games profiles and internal development - wait for the tweaking over the next few driver sets. Should be interesting.
0 0 [Posted by: ufoolme  | Date: 03/28/11 11:22:34 PM]

there was actually benchmark a while back showcasing 1 6990 + 1 6970 xfire mode vs 3 580's in sli

it was discovered that after changing the testbed to the newer sandy bridge processors running at 4.5 ghz or higher that the nvidia cards tended to run better in most games (while others didn't change at all)

i'm just wondering if you ever plan upgrading your testbed to see
if it is the same with the dual gpu cards.
0 0 [Posted by: dafriz  | Date: 05/10/11 12:54:05 PM]

So, we have the evidence, yet even so, the fanboys and ravers and red ragers will have their FAN-tasy for freaking ever.... it's the best epr0n they will ever feel... their personal, emotional, (disturbing), self flamboozery blabbed all over the internet... quoted case in point below that destroys those delusional celebrations...

quote: " Thus, each card has 9 wins and the rest of the games/benchmarks are draws. If you want exact numbers, the GeForce GTX 590 is 1.6 to 6.8% ahead of the Radeon HD 6990 in the FSAA-less mode and 12.1 to 16.8% ahead in the FSAA mode. This is pure mathematics, though. "


Pure mathematics removes the fanboy spazzzzzaroo lies and "feelings" from the equation, and hence, the TRUTH is revealed.

Now, I noted a complainer or two, - the "only site" here supposedly that shows the GTX590 as equivalent or better than 6990 - and hence, also present in form is the long obvious re-validation that amdati fanboyism is absolutely RAMPANT all over the net, and I'm sure the couple hundred "press" (reviewers) that AMD flies to the "Islands" for their yearly two week VACATION, errr- uhh- press reporting experience... doesn't hurt either.

Congrats to xbitlabs for actually stating the hardcore bare essential mathematical RESULTS.


I'm sure even the facts won't matter though, as sadly, there is no known pill to cure fanboyism.
0 0 [Posted by: SiliconDoc  | Date: 09/02/11 01:51:39 AM]

PS - Kudos to xbitlabs for the frankly ENORMOUS amount of games/benches in this review - not like "cherry picking" can be claimed here in that area - pretty much one of the top two amounts of games/benches I've ever seen on a review.
0 0 [Posted by: SiliconDoc  | Date: 09/02/11 01:58:22 AM]


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