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Discussion on Article:
Thermal Interfaces Roundup, Part 2: Bundled Products

Started by: sollord | Date 03/28/11 11:19:15 AM
Comments: 7 | Last Comment:  12/11/15 02:45:48 PM

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This is pretty interesting and pretty much shows why I don't use oem compounds that come with most coolers though I'd like to know why the thermal compound shipped by Noctua wasn't tested...
0 0 [Posted by: sollord  | Date: 03/28/11 11:19:15 AM]
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0 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 03/28/11 12:09:14 PM]

Solid review just like the other test about thermal interfaces
0 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 03/28/11 11:39:01 AM]
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Thank you!
0 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 03/28/11 11:55:37 PM]

So the Thermaltake TG-1 comes with the Frio? is this correct? and I cant get it alone....arggg. I like the Frio but I've been using Xigmatek coolers since they first arrived on the the scene.
0 2 [Posted by: DEADTIME  | Date: 03/29/11 07:22:07 PM]

ROFL I didn't know Titan still made that shitty blue crap they purport as TIM it was rubbish when it first came out several years ago and replaced the silver based product they used to use which was by the way quite good
0 0 [Posted by: Athlonite  | Date: 04/30/11 02:45:04 PM]


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