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Discussion on Article:
Does The World Need Netbooks and Nettops?

Started by: JonMCC33 | Date 11/27/09 07:39:56 AM
Comments: 11 | Last Comment:  03/06/14 08:48:19 AM

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Actually, the 60% is because your poll options are flawed. I obviously do not own a netbook, nettop or smartbook. I also do not have any plans on purchasing any of those three. So I am left with only one other option and that is what I picked.

Do I think they make sense? Of course they do. But there wasn't any option for "No, I don't own any nor do I have plans on getting any". We were sort of forced to choose the option that had an addition that they don't make sense.

They make perfect sense for the corporate world and also warehouses/factories. Netbooks are very light, will fit easily in a purse or briefcase and give you not only the ability to browse the web properly (can't say the same for most smartphones) but also store documents and edit them on the fly. They have video outputs for connecting to a projector for PowerPoint presentations. USB ports allow easy document transfers between workstations with a USB flash drive. They last like 8 hours on battery too.

Nettops are perfect for a warehouse/factory. Instead of using high power desktops that are difficult to place, cost more and are harder to maintain you can use a cheaper, low power nettop for your basic text based telnet applications or RDP functions at a factory. Given that most nettops don't have fans you don't have to worry about too much maintenance either. They have been used for years as thin clients anyway.

I would recommend nettops for office use as well but I know just how much people would complain about the speed.
0 0 [Posted by: JonMCC33  | Date: 11/27/09 07:39:56 AM]
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There was an option "No, I do not think that ultra low-cost PCs make sense" [for me]. We do not ask readers to debate theoretical things within the polls. For the vast majority of our readers those PCs do not make any sense and hence they do not own or plan to buy them.

Corporate world needs business operating systems in addition to data protection. Warehouses and factories need durability. Whe netbooks are equipped with larger batteries that provide longer battery life, they weigh more than ultra-thin notebooks, e.g., Lenovo ThinkPad X200 (in fact, even more than X301).

You are right: thin clients have been on the market for years...
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/27/09 09:39:52 AM]
I am aware of that option. I voted that option because the other 6 did not apply. I merely think there should have been a last option that just stated, "No, don't have any and will not get any." That would have better determined how many people don't intend to get one and how many think they don't make sense.

Netbooks do not need larger batteries. They last up to 8 hours because the Atom chipset barely uses any power compared to a normal laptop. Ultra thin notebooks are absurdly expensive compared to netbooks. The Dell Latitude E4200 starts above $1700. The MacBook Air starts at $1500.
0 0 [Posted by: JonMCC33  | Date: 11/27/09 12:34:50 PM]
The idea of those polls is to make you vote with your wallet in mind. This ensures that we do not have AMD vs. Intel fights in the polls.

Lenovo ThinkPad X200s is available with all the software installed starting from $999. It has virtually everything needed for business and exceptional battery life.
0 0 [Posted by:  | Date: 11/27/09 04:13:07 PM]

I purchased a netbook last January and I am pleased at what it can do for a mere $300. I use my HP 17" notebook as a desktop replacement and I did not want to lug it around. I mainly use the the netbook around campus for emails, finishing reports and such. Some people I know who have bought one and returned it because it "was not fast enough." Well, if you did the research then, you would know it was built for simple tasks.
0 0 [Posted by: tacomatrd18  | Date: 11/27/09 08:46:15 AM]
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One thing I learned in the years that I did PC tech support for corporations...if it doesn't move at the speed of thought then it isn't fast enough.
0 0 [Posted by: JonMCC33  | Date: 11/27/09 12:36:41 PM]

Netbooks yes
Nettops probably not.

I recycle old PCs and laptops with broken screens etc out to friends and family as second internet machines. That makes the nettop fairly redundant.
0 0 [Posted by: anonbloger  | Date: 11/27/09 05:29:29 PM]

This is rubbish. Any efficient small machine sells like grass fire in Russia. The industry has decided that the people need weak perfomance tiny machines. The idea originated from the industry, because the buyers can't start buying their products before they've marketed and released. Now the same people in the industry deduces in a self-centered fashion that people should need only low perfomance tiny machines. That's why AsusTek's 1215N is called by the company a "defiance". Just see, this new all powerful netbook will trash in demand these silly ideas about our needs.
0 0 [Posted by: TeemuMilto  | Date: 08/01/10 07:24:28 AM]

I am interesting to purchase a smartbook, netbook pc
with affordable price/ lowcost

0 0 [Posted by: santhosh.sopanam  | Date: 03/10/11 05:29:33 AM]

I looked long and hard for a small form factor (SFF) portable Computer.

All the compromises are well known so I found something that had a somewhat equal compromise, well it certainly is lessor in many respects but superior in others.

What did I come up with ?

A 2014 1080P Smartphone, specifically the HTC One.

The 'Bonus' over a Computer is: a Phone, GPS, small size, a decent Camera (with many different 'Camera Firmware' (Programs) available).

I carry a Phone anyway, so why carry a SFF Computer as well (and a Camera, plus a GPS, etc.).

Same price as a premium SFF Computer, or nearly free with a 3 year Contract. Google Earth is so beautiful and much faster than my OLD Desktop (also with a 1080P Screen).

Now I will not be buying a SFF Computer and can use the money for a new Desktop later this year (when AMD gets the new tech out the door).

I waited a few years but ultimately it was worth it.
0 0 [Posted by: sanity  | Date: 03/06/14 08:48:19 AM]


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