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Discussion on Article:
Intel DX58SO2 Mainboard Review

Started by: holmanextremo | Date 04/12/11 07:14:05 PM
Comments: 13 | Last Comment:  03/08/16 03:55:28 AM

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Excellent review and beautiful design of this mainboard!!

I don't understand why intel wait so long for create new mainboards, especially when the new processors are so powerfull and are incompatible with this board...
0 0 [Posted by: holmanextremo  | Date: 04/12/11 07:14:05 PM]
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It is because they perform various tests on the board before selling it unlike ASUS or any other Taiwanese based board companies.

Have you seen their support site? It's very easy to compare with other motherboard manufacturers because of all the information available (chips, specs, known errors, drivers etc...). There's even information that you would not need but an electronic engineer might. Now that's true support.
0 0 [Posted by: kc.santos  | Date: 05/31/11 06:54:23 AM]

one of the core in the bios "performance" page is shown disabled is the motherboard disabling it my default or is there a option for it?

also is there any way to monitor or control the PWM fans on this board, I did plug in a Cooler master xcaliber in the rear 3 pin header, seam to be moving at a very slow rate very dead slow.
0 0 [Posted by: alikabir  | Date: 10/05/11 10:47:59 AM]


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