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Discussion on Article:
Choosing DDR3 SDRAM for LGA1156 Platform

Started by: Tester128 | Date 12/23/09 09:25:30 AM
Comments: 35 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:13:58 AM

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How long does it take to upload this article? It is interesting stuff but it is very annoying that I have to wait till you upload the next page.
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 12/23/09 11:19:43 AM]

2 page is a dead end.
U can jump to any page from the main page.
The whole article is there.
0 0 [Posted by: Zool  | Date: 12/23/09 11:55:21 AM]
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The same issue with pages 4,8,9. I had to go to page 1 and select the page I wanted to read the article. And it takes long time to load the pages.
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 12/23/09 12:58:02 PM]

Good article. Kind of expected conclusion, though astonishing results from the HyperX. Can you comment on the acctual performance at 2000GHz+. Does it prove any tangible advantage or is it same ol' 1-2%.
Also, can you try getting your hand on one of the low voltage (1.35) GSkill modules. Such low voltages could result at lower CPU temperatures and maybe a few extra MHz for the cores or longer life for the CPU.
Marry Xmas
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 12/23/09 01:17:36 PM]

Nice one, very helpful. I have the Corsair Dominator CMD4GX3M2A1600C8 Kit. Mine is revision 5.2 and I have 8 Gigs on an ASUS P7P55D-Deluxe with a i7-860 overclocked to 3.81 @ 1.3000 volts. I'm running a Coolermaster V8 and replaced the fan because I didn't have room for the dial. So I put a 110 CFM fan instead of the stock 69.69 CFM that came with it. Now to go play with some memory timings. Thank you.
0 0 [Posted by: SofaKingWeird  | Date: 12/24/09 07:16:32 AM]

Could you (Xbit) do a review like this about how memory frequency and timings affect the performance of Sandy Bridge systems, with the ondie GPU and with an offboard VGA?

0 0 [Posted by: tafreire  | Date: 01/18/11 08:10:22 PM]


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