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Discussion on Article:
Magic Cooler: Thermalright Archon Review

Started by: cattalinss | Date 05/19/11 09:52:41 AM
Comments: 19 | Last Comment:  06/26/16 06:52:54 PM

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Interesting cooler. But how about a test against the new Prolimatech Genesis ?The genesis seems (in some tests) to be equal or a little better than Noctua NH-D14 + the advantage of cooling more components (RAM, VRM, Chipset, mobo's PCB) ...
0 0 [Posted by: cattalinss  | Date: 05/19/11 09:52:41 AM]
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would you really want already heat saturated air going over possibly cooler components heating them up more??

nice review good to see my thermolab baram up against something newer and a little better I'm still glad I bought the Baram though
0 0 [Posted by: Athlonite  | Date: 09/05/11 10:17:02 AM]


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