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Discussion on Article:
AMD Needs to Boost Clock-Speed of FX "Bulldozer" Chips - Sources.

Started by: RtFusion | Date 05/30/11 01:11:38 PM
Comments: 85 | Last Comment:  01/03/13 10:13:10 AM

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I like the more innovative company. Nowadays Intel are working hard and bringing family over family. So I look for SB-based notebook. And AMD were slower. I don`t want AMD to die, because this would cause disaster with CPU prices, and the progress to delay. So I hope that Interlagos will crush the xeons on the server market. This won`t hurt Intel (which I don`t want to die too), because of the larger market share, fan base and income.
0 0 [Posted by: Gele  | Date: 07/24/11 03:50:47 PM]

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