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Discussion on Article:
SSD Battles: Corsair X128 vs. Solutions on JMicron Chip

Started by: dragosmp | Date 01/19/10 01:55:28 AM
Comments: 8 | Last Comment:  12/16/15 10:16:57 PM


Great review, it settled once and for all that I shouldn't get anywhere near the Jmicron 602B controller if random writing is important to me, which it is.
Could you test Toshiba's modified Jmicron controller on the Kingston V 64GB drive? Supposedly the 64KB cache it has should help alleviate much of the random write issues 602B has, and it may prove a decent low cost alternative to the OCZ Agility 64GB and Vertex 64GB.
0 0 [Posted by: dragosmp  | Date: 01/19/10 01:55:28 AM]

even if random Writing is not important Jmicron 602B controller really does suck and can have stuttering issues on some motherboards (Toshiba has the same issue)

The Problem that Toshiba have made for them self's now is that there is an Samsung rebanded Toshiba and Jmicron rebanded Toshiba, good thing is the Samsung version has 64MB or 128MB of cache so can be identified
0 0 [Posted by: leexgx  | Date: 01/31/10 02:36:16 AM]


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