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Sapphire PURE WHITE FUSION E350 and Sapphire PURE FUSION MINI E350 Mainboards Review

Started by: ca_steve | Date 06/20/11 08:01:01 AM
Comments: 12 | Last Comment:  03/08/16 03:55:19 AM


Thanks for the review. Has Silverlight/Netflix HD perfomance improved at all since the initial E-350 release? Until Microsoft utilizes GPU acceleration*, or AMD has higher perfomance on the CPU side, I don't think this will cut it for a media platform.

*2012 release?
0 0 [Posted by: ca_steve  | Date: 06/20/11 08:01:01 AM]

I dont think many ppl will bother with these boards that are lacking in every respect (especially the bios and the pityful cooling 'solution') compared to all the other mobo manufacturers E350 itx boards
0 1 [Posted by: alpha0ne  | Date: 06/22/11 01:28:00 AM]


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