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Discussion on Article:
Samsung SyncMaster SA950 Monitor: 3D Beauty

Started by: dabaoas | Date 07/19/11 12:29:42 AM
Comments: 17 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:52:06 AM


120Hz works fine with Nvidia GTX 580 on 27SA950. I've tried it with 275.33 WHQL and 280.19 Beta driver. You must enter the Nvidia panel: change resolution and under Custumize: under PC and put it to 120 HZ, WORKS FINE

0 0 [Posted by: Nielsen  | Date: 08/01/11 12:27:18 AM]

I was extremely disapointed with the quality of this monitor. The backlight is so high it washes out the dispaly no matter how you adjust the brightness and contrast controls and there was a significant amount of ghosting in 3D to to the point where you just couldn't watch a 3D video on this monitor. Just awful quality control from Samsung.
0 0 [Posted by: eots  | Date: 12/04/11 11:10:16 AM]

Everything is fine unless you ever want to use this for 3D.

Right eye shadowing makes you dizzy, and diminishes the 3D effect. I thought I bought a lemon, but as a Google search reveals, the A950 only comes in lemon flavor.
0 0 [Posted by: plague69  | Date: 09/13/12 10:40:13 AM]


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