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Efficient Economy: Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge Liquid Cooling System Review

Started by: BestJinjo | Date 07/25/11 09:28:21 AM
Comments: 19 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:09:03 AM


$320 vs. $80 for the Thermalright Silver Arrow with 2 quiet fans (or even the Archon). Watercooling for CPUs has become a pretty much pointless affair. It's now more for the cool factor/ looks.

Corsair H70/80/100 kits with 0 hassle/maintenance seem like a much better idea to explore the watercooling arena for CPUs without breaking the bank if you really want that watercooled clean look for your system.

Watercooling for GPUs make MUCH more sense imo, esp. in scenarios where multiple GPUs in CF/SLI are configured.
0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 07/25/11 09:28:21 AM]

big failure, so expensive and just 2 degrees better then Thermalright Archon with 1 fan on it.
1 0 [Posted by: 3Dkiller  | Date: 07/28/11 08:30:49 AM]

So nothing has really changed (in terms of failing at cooling your CPU) between this model and the previous editions from Swiftech; you'd be better off spending your hard-earned cash on a any one of the kits offered by XSPC, EK Waterblocks, or Larkooler...if you're so inclined to venture into that side of water cooling your PC.
0 0 [Posted by: BMAN  | Date: 07/29/11 12:38:41 PM]


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