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Discussion on Article:
Multiply by Two: PowerColor Radeon HD 6870X2 Graphics Card Review

Started by: Georgia | Date 08/03/11 08:34:47 AM
Comments: 3 | Last Comment:  09/12/11 06:42:34 PM


I don't think you will see NVIDIA themselves release a reference model of a 560ti "X2". However maybe someone like EVGA will take on the idea.
0 0 [Posted by: LedHed  | Date: 08/04/11 10:48:29 PM]

Great article and very interesting product from PowerColor. It would be interesting to see how the 6870x2 scales in performance when CrossFireX'ed with another one or even with a 6870 if that's possible. Maybe something for a future article? Certainly would be interesting considering standard 6870 can only can only CrossFireX 2 cards max. Personally less interested in Lucid's abilities to be honest considering the limited compatibility shown in previous incarnations on motherboards (usually lower end cards benefiting most from mixing).
0 0 [Posted by: livingplasma  | Date: 08/21/11 12:51:19 AM]

Can i crossfire this card with a single 6870 (3x6870)or,
even can i crossfire this card (4x6870) ?

I read somewhere that this 6870 only got 2 gpu CF capable.
Please clear my mind.

0 0 [Posted by: Dhea1  | Date: 09/12/11 06:42:34 PM]


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