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Discussion on Article:
Seasonic Power Supply Units Roundup. Part 2

Started by: Joe Public | Date 09/07/11 04:58:03 AM
Comments: 15 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:22:59 AM


Seasonic is solid across the board as usual. It's why I most often choose that brand or other brands that are OEM'd by Seasonic. (Of course, I'm aware that there are other OEMs that as very reliable as well):
0 0 [Posted by: Joe Public  | Date: 09/07/11 04:58:03 AM]

If you break it down to component level you can get an pretty accurate measurement of what your consumption should be. Checkout this PC power consumption breakdown|
0 0 [Posted by: trewinnard  | Date: 10/18/11 12:43:24 PM]


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