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Discussion on Article:
Prolimatech Genesis Super-Cooler Review

Started by: BestJinjo | Date 09/09/11 03:58:36 PM
Comments: 34 | Last Comment:  09/02/16 04:02:19 AM

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While this is an excellent cooler, at $70, it's too expensive since it doesn't come with any fans. You will get very similar performance with the Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow and Archon and those often retail for $69.99-$79.99 in US. What would be revolutionary is if we got this type of performance at around $39.99-$49.99.

It looks like there is another contender for the top slot - Phanteks PH-TC14PE:,15.html

But again, it will cost even more than $70.

0 0 [Posted by: BestJinjo  | Date: 09/09/11 03:58:36 PM]

Well done, again, Sergey!
Question, Can you install a fan underneath the horizontal heathsink? It looks like there is room for 120mm fan in there. While the performance of such fan won't be as good as 140mm one, the airflow of the vertical heatsink should improve instead. Msybe you can do a quick test and comment on such performance
0 0 [Posted by: jonup  | Date: 09/09/11 05:05:49 PM]
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Unfortunately, already there is no such possibility, but I don't think that results strongly would change.
0 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 09/11/11 08:59:22 AM]

I have this cooler and have 2 140mm prolimatech fans in push pull on upright portion. I installed higher speed 120mm 7 blade Tt fan w a foam rubber block under left side of fan to make blow down/left (on horizontal section) so air will cool x58 chipset better. Innovative bending of paperclips works great as fan mount here. Works well for chipset as well as CPU now. Also I had a lapped TRUE Extreme w / 2 Tt 120mm in push pull before and new cooler works just as well relative to cpu performance. Pleased. Only caveat is getting MB installed w HD connector clearance. Forget removing HD's also. New cases w sideways HD mounts would be better for sure.
0 0 [Posted by: rdkone  | Date: 09/10/11 04:03:59 PM]

PS : Your hardware reviews are very good or simply the best many times... I have been reading computer review sites since the internet started... Nice Job...
1 0 [Posted by: rdkone  | Date: 09/10/11 04:06:44 PM]
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0 0 [Posted by: Jordan  | Date: 09/11/11 09:00:28 AM]

This is an excellent review of a completely amazing looking and performing heatsink! I bought a Genesis on 1st sight about 3 months ago and couldn't be happier with my choice.
The only downside is having to remove it everytime I want to try out some new memory, which is quite often since memory prices are so low now.
I chose to use three 140mm Aerocool Shark fans w/led's and they certainly light up my entire Corsair 700D. I don't find them to be too noisy since I have a very large A/C unit mounted in my computer room window and it acts as a white noise generator which distracts me from most noisy fans while giving me an ambient temp. of 72F (22C) 24x365.
Since this cooler is shorter than a Megahalems it will fit many more cases while matching or beating the Megahalems performance. I normally only watercool but found it not necessary with the P67-LGA1155 systems.
I find it very nice that it also doesn't come with any fans since everybody has their favorites and you aren't stuck with a set of fans you may end up not using at all. The cooler also comes with a small tube of Prolimatech PK-1 Nano TIM which is the best that can be bought right now.
Just be sure that this cooler will fit over your memory heatsinks. Corsair Vengeance is the tallest memory I have that will fit under the horizontal part and the Mushkin Redline I've started using exclusively fits with even more clearance.
This is the absolute best cooler I have ever owned for all the different parts of the motherboard that it cools and is worth every penny because of its performance and quality of build.
1 0 [Posted by: kzinti1  | Date: 09/30/11 04:44:31 PM]


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