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High Definition Theater: Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD and Auzen OPAMPs Review

Started by: csimmo | Date 05/18/10 07:49:13 PM
Comments: 7 | Last Comment:  12/16/15 10:29:49 PM


You are obviously very knowledgeable, far more then I. And the detail you have gone to here is excellent; however I have a few problems with this review. First up, why such an old OS (XP) with such new hardware? Why no multichannel testing for a card that is designed for multichannel? And why no testing of the encoding capabilities (up scaling 2 channel audio using DTS connect or other types?) This is obviously a home theatre/multi channel focused card, and you haven't tested it for anything that actually relates to that. If you could please be as detailed with this card in a home theatre, and in future reviews with any card that is designed for it, I would really appreciate it! Digital outputs are very different, and would like to know how good they are for those with external multichannel Amplifiers using HDMI/optical/coaxial. Also if there are any problems with Bluray play back due to HDCP problems.
0 0 [Posted by: csimmo  | Date: 05/18/10 07:49:13 PM]


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