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Discussion on Article:
Great Value from Sapphire: Radeon HD 6870 Dirt 3 Edition and Radeon HD 6850 Vapor-X Graphics Cards

Started by: qiqi1021 | Date 10/24/11 07:50:05 PM
Comments: 2 | Last Comment:  10/26/11 01:23:41 PM

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Interesting cards. I've always wondered why the power components are at the front of the reference PCB cards. Does it not make more more sense to have them at the back near the power connectors?

Also the pics of the power connectors and PCBs are mixed up on page 1 and 3.
0 0 [Posted by: qiqi1021  | Date: 10/24/11 07:50:05 PM]
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Thank you! Corrected!
0 0 [Posted by: Anna  | Date: 10/26/11 01:23:41 PM]


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