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Five Years with Bulldozer: Asus Sabertooth 990FX Mainboard Review

Started by: beenthere | Date 11/11/11 02:18:00 PM
Comments: 11 | Last Comment:  03/08/16 03:55:00 AM

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From what I see people should chose a mobo based on the features they need, historical brand reliability and price as performance between the top brands like Asus and Gigabyte are virtually identical.

25 years ago Asus sold only OEM mobos and they were top quality. Since deciding to go to the retail consumer market where profits are much higher, Asus has rushed a lot of products to market that could be accurately described as half-baked. While Asus makes sure that they get good hardware website reviews... owner's experiences do not always match the reviewer site's results, as noted countless times.

In my experience of several decades of building performance PCs, Asus mobos tend to be sensitive to the RAM used even if it's on the QVL list. This can make for many a headache for end users. I personally would like to see Asus invest more effort in designing their mobos and BIOS so that they work reliably without issues because it's a royal PITA to troubleshoot Asus mobo issues for them when they should have corrected these issues prior to shipment of the mobos.

It's also worth noting at least in the U.S., Asus's Tech Support (sic), is a fantasy at best from my firsthand experience. Many people get so frustrated with the lack of Asus customer support that they buy a different brand of mobo and just take the financial loss on the Asus mobo as it's more headaches than it's worth dealing with Asus customer service (sic), in the U.S. I can state that IME most of the mobo makers customer/tech support in the U.S. is woeful to say the least but Asus's is infuriating at best. All the mobo makers need to improve in this area.
2 1 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/11/11 02:18:00 PM]

Another review that shows how pathetic the Bulldozer core is. Bulldozer to me is like cutting onions or throwing salt on a wound. These reviews are boring to read. Maybe I am waiting for some features like Abit did in their day. These days you see one motherboard, you see them all. Each motherboard is pretty much have the same features. With out Abit, one motherboard is just as boring as the next. It will be nice to read a review that is more exciting.
3 4 [Posted by: tecknurd  | Date: 11/12/11 01:58:42 AM]
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Why do you bother to read and complain? Is someone holding a gun to your head forcing you to read the review? Complaining does not change reality.

BD based FX CPUs are a nice upgrade for folks with older systems. They may not be a good update for those with newer higer speed Phenom IIs unless they are doing heavy thread tasking where the BD based CPUs do well.

Mobo performance has been virtually the same for years with mobo companies using the same chipsets and architecture. The difference is in the FEATURES a mobo offers, not in performance except for a sub-par mobo design.

If you want excitement maybe you should play a video game because mobos are not particularly exciting.
4 3 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/12/11 10:33:14 AM]
I can live with onions and would consider onions better than what most have been dealt with. Just don't buy Asrock boards as I made a mistake of buying and expecting their extreme 4 990fx was going to be rock solid and issue free.
0 0 [Posted by: nforce4max  | Date: 11/14/11 12:04:42 PM]

Bulldozer based Opteron 6200 and 4200 have just been released and the major industry players are supporting these new CPUs based on performance, power efficiency and scalability so maybe all BD based CPUs aren't as bad as the haters claim.
2 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/14/11 09:34:02 AM]
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Not very many of us are running quad socket servers but that is going to be the only bright spot for amd. Greedtel's 1567 quad socket platform costs more than most are willing to even consider when the boards alone costs over $2k when on the cheap. 1366 isn't going to cut it for to much longer while dual socket 771 is long in the tooth. 603/604 is basically old shoe leather at best.
0 0 [Posted by: nforce4max  | Date: 11/14/11 12:01:33 PM]

There is no way I am going to spend even a red cent as worthless as it is on a BD cpu that can't hardly carry it's weight in most tasks that aren't threaded for more than 4 cores. 5 years well here is to 5 miserable years as an amd user and very displeased. Got 4 amd rigs and a few greedtels as well.
1 0 [Posted by: nforce4max  | Date: 11/14/11 11:57:20 AM]
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I always tell people to buy what makes them happy.

AMD is gaining laptop and entry level desktop market share because Llano is far superior to anything Intel has and Trinity will raise the bar another ~20%.

Bulldozer is an upgrade for people with older CPUs but not for people who already have top of the line Phenom II CPUs unless they are doing heavy threading work. Let's hope Piledriver delivers the performance boost we had hoped for in the FX CPUs.

Opteron's are in high demand as they are far superior to Intel's server CPUs based on performance per watt and cost - which is what enterprise views as very important.

IMO consumers with a moral compass would never support Intel's criminal activity.

You CAN vote with your wallet for a level playing field and justice.

2 0 [Posted by: beenthere  | Date: 11/14/11 12:23:39 PM]

I think this short statement is incorrect:

> Asus Sabertooth 990FX support 3 Gbps


AMD SB950 controller :
6 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), brown
Support Raid 0, 1, 5, 10

0 0 [Posted by: MRFS  | Date: 11/15/11 06:21:13 PM]


I have an Asus Sabertooth with FX-8150 installed and running with BIOS version 0705, out of box. I have versions of BIOS 0810 and 09xx on a flash pen FAT32, but it will be my 1st flash BIOS, and i´m a little scared to do the upgrade. With the 0705 version, everything is running nicely...By the way, great great mobo. And beautifull, also)

0 0 [Posted by: Luis Lynce  | Date: 04/07/12 06:23:44 PM]


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