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Discussion on Article:
Antec System Cases: Three Versions of Quiet

Started by: entity279 | Date 01/08/12 04:41:28 AM
Comments: 17 | Last Comment:  12/21/15 11:20:57 AM


I've been researching for weeks the perfect case for my need. I needed especially something roomy, quiet and with a pleasing exterior. So P193 was what I've found and bought. From my personal experience with this beautiful case, I have to disagree with you over one point.

"The huge Antec P193 V3 is at the other extreme of the range as it can accommodate and cool any PC configuration you want"

The side panel + cable hiding space behind the motherboard have one disadvantage which may be quite significant in my opinion: the low clearence for CPU heatsinks (~145 mm clearance).

I wanted to buy the HR-02 Macho and use it in fanless mode with the help of the side panel, but there just isn't room. So the best cooler you can buy for this is the (expensive) Noctua NH-C14

So the P193 is not really suitable (without modding) for overclocking enthusiasts.I still like it though.


As for the review, it's useful that these three cases were compared. The noise measurements are really missing from the article, though.

0 0 [Posted by: entity279  | Date: 01/08/12 04:41:28 AM]

I've build many computers with Antec cases, and while they are high quality there is one thing that I really hate: the included fans. When you want a quiet case there is only one option 'low' speed mode. But when you put a high a CPU/Videocard and push the system it will be much noisier then a case that uses regulated fans connected to the mainboard as it no option to set all fans to medium or high before gaming, the cpu/videocard fan will go much faster and make much more noise then the case fans. Next to that nice 3 or 4 pin fans that connect to the mainboard would be much nicer as the stock fans need to connect to the ancient molex connector (who uses that anymore nowadays?) and also have short cables with the speed switches.
So my advice: throw away all included fans and get yourself some nice fans that can be regulated. (the included antec fans are only medium quality so upgrading is always a good thing)
0 0 [Posted by: AeroWB  | Date: 01/12/12 02:36:04 AM]

I usually buy cheap cases. But this case is a little bit more expensive. And I can say it is good.
It looks very good. It is very convenient to assembly and very quiet.
Has a separate place for SSD.
I only want the power button not to be under the lid and USB3.
0 0 [Posted by: amythompson172  | Date: 01/12/12 09:34:57 AM]


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